SBP joins forces and mission with MODEM

02 August 2022

SBP and MODEM collaborate to increase brands’ reach.

The partnership between MODEM and SBP aims to boost the visibility of brands that engage in responsible production, by showcasing the SBP assessment on, increasing their exposure within the industry. For this reason SBP became the technical partner of MODEM and MODEM the media partner of SBP.

More about MODEM

Since 1997 MODEM has been committed to create a comprehensive directory for fashion, design and art professionals worldwide. It provides professionals with the most up-to-date information on curated fashion relevant events and informs on selected companies that operate within this creative industry. MODEM has become an essential tool for fashion news and is the independent, go-to guide that allows the sourcing of reliable information at all times.

More about SBP

Sustainable Brand Platform (short SBP) was founded with the aim to simplify fashion brands’ sustainability efforts. This was made possible thanks to the development of a range of digital services that allow brands to reduce their impacts and take control of their sustainability data. SBP’s services enable brands to obtain a global assessment of their sustainable performance, making it simple and affordable to achieve and showcase their sustainability efforts. SBP digitalizes the fashion supply chain and facilitates monitoring and improvement of companies’ sustainability performances.

“The partnership with MODEM is a great opportunity for SBP. MODEM is an iconic platform in the fashion industry. This collaboration can help SBP brands to have great visibility, while SBP services can help brands have increased credibility in the eyes of buyers, who are looking for brands that have already started to work on their sustainability performances.”

Alex Albini, co-founder Sustainable Brand Platform