SBP partners with textile archive F.FRI

26 September 2022

Sustainability meets Italian fashion heritage.

With the mission to support the fashion system in adopting production and consumption choices that respect the environment and workers, SBP and F.FRI partner to accelerate the transition of the fashion supply chain towards circular and sustainable practices.

Who is F.FRI?

Fashion Research Italy Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2015 in Bologna by the Italian entrepreneur Alberto Masotti, former CEO of the luxury brand La Perla. F.FRI's ambition is to become a touchpoint for fashion professionals and young talents alike. It’s a place of research and inspiration, a meeting place between supply and demand, events and roundtables aimed at companies in the fashion sector. F.FRI is constantly seeking the best solutions to boost the growth of SMEs, offering targeted consulting and training courses tailored to their needs: from digital and sustainable innovation to the enhancement of the Italian fashion heritage. Ultimately, F.FRI is an open and ever evolving project that transforms the needs of the market into new stimuli and synergies at the service of the Italian fashion supply chain.

The textile archive

F.FRI possesses a textile design archive with antique and modern drawings on paper and fabric, catalogued and digitised to be a source of inspiration in the planning of new clothing and furniture collections. F.FRI’s archive has recently been enriched with Punto Sostenibilità, a section of sustainable textile materials, accessories and packaging designed to please designers and creatives, but above all garment makers and brands who can find a broad and up-to-date overview of sustainable products for their collections.

Punto sostenibilità

The Punto sostenibilità showroom was created in 2020 when the pandemic revealed that sustainable innovation is the only way forward. It’s a phygital archive where it’s possible to come across textiles and accessories from major Italian fashion brands and appreciate the increasing selection of sustainable product offerings. It’s a project that’s constantly in evolution, with the objective to offer garment manufacturers and brands support and guidance in their sustainable transition. Today it counts almost 2000 pieces coming from more than a hundred companies distributed in the great Italian textile districts.

Image source: F.FRI

"I believe that the process of rethinking the fashion industry has just started and that all the components of the supply chain will have to deal with a structural and cultural change"

Claudia D’Angelo, Head of Punto Sostenibilità

Why Sustainable Brand Platform?

Sustainable Brand Platform is a cloud platform that was created with the aim of promoting a data driven decision-making model capable of enhancing the current fashion supply chain certifications and audits. Thanks to the digitization of impact data and the automation of measurement and control processes, SBP allows companies to easily monitor ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) performance, increasing their visibility to global retailers and consumers who are more attentive to sustainability issues. The proprietary technology underlying the services allows manufacturers and packagers to have data available in real time and easily integrated into business strategies, speeding up sharing, reducing costs and supporting decarbonisation activities.

F.FRI x SBP partnership

F.FRI has been focusing on building a network of partners with shared values of ethics that realise the importance of ensuring both production and consumption choices are respectful of the environment and workers. SBP is among these partners as an innovative, technologically advanced project suitable for brands of all sizes. With SBP, F.FRI proposes to identify the specific needs of each brand in order to improve their competitiveness on the market, furthermore it’s an opportunity to make Punto Sostenibilità and its suppliers known to an international community, contributing to the spread of Italian manufacturing excellence abroad.

"The partnership with F.FRI is a great opportunity to bring a network of suppliers and a network of brands together to join forces on sustainability."

Alex Albini, co-founder Sustainable Brand Platform

What are the benefits for brands?

SBP brand community members have the opportunity to access the Punto Sostenibilità materials archive for free. They also enjoy a cut rate for the rental of print from the textile design archive. Brands will be able to find in one place and all year long the manufacturing excellence of Made in Italy, with dedicated assistance guiding them in their production choices. They will also be able to get in touch with F.FRI's partners with proven experience who will be able to guide them at a consultancy level towards the most appropriate path to improve their sustainability.

Finally, they will have the exclusive opportunity to draw on the historical archive of textile designs possessed by F.FRI, with access to a repertoire of surprising patterns and graphic variants, representative of different styles and eras. That includes 30,000 modern and ancient designs, handmade on paper and fabric by the best international textile designers between the 19th and 21st centuries, available as a source of research and precious inspiration.

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