The best way to predict the future of fashion is to create it.

We envision a fashion industry that goes beyond certifications and marketing claims.

We work to shape a world in which fashion firms, people and nature coexist.

We decided to play as game changers, by encouraging the fashion supply chain to consider sustainability in all decision-making.

We have the power to change the way fashion is made and consumed by creating a sustainable industry with greater influence.

We love fashion with all its frenetic and complex processes.

We believe in the creativity that unites us.

We believe in the elegance of sustainable creation.

We believe that the time has come to draw a line, called future.

Let’s trace the future of fashion, together.

Our Story
Fashion natives.

SUSTAINABLE BRAND PLATFORM is a project spinned-off by Idee Brand Platform at the end of 2020, with the idea of supporting the fashion industry with digital solutions to pursue sustainability goals.
Sustainable Brand Platform enable fashion companies to take full control of their sustainability data, facilitating decision making and lowering company's costs and impact on the environment.

Sustainable Brand Platform has fashion and sustainability into its DNA.
We come from the industry. More than 25 years experience as fashion producers for global brands, together with a talented sustainability department allows us to design seamless and intuitive services for the industry with the intent to minimize efforts to design and put in practice decarbonization strategies, enhancing transparency of the supply chain.

Our Culture

We are people, different in culture and inclinations. We believe that diversity is a value. We believe that our differences unite us and make us unique. We are used to looking at things from different points of view, sometimes catching unusual perspectives.
We like to innovate, we like to design solutions that can bring benefits to the fashion industry, making an impact. We love measurable solutions, we like anything that can be demonstrated by the data. We have a mantra: if you can’t measure it, you can't improve it.


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