Fondazione Fashion Research Italy

Fashion Research Italy Foundation is a non-profit created to enhance the manufacturing excellence of which our territory is rich and has become a reference point for the entire fashion sector

Country: Italy

Category: Non-profit organisation

About the company

Fashion Research Italy Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2015 in Bologna by the Italian entrepreneur Alberto Masotti, former CEO of the luxury brand La Perla. F.FRI's ambition is to become a touchpoint for professionals and young talents where a virtuous process can be triggered in support of the fashion supply chain and the community. Constantly seeking the best solutions to boost the growth of SMEs, it offers targeted consulting and training courses tailored to their needs: from the digital and green turning point to the enhancement of the Italian fashion heritage.

Always a supporter of these issues, F.FRI raises awareness of their importance also through a valuable textile design archive of 30,000 antique and modern drawings on paper and fabric and 5,000 volumes, catalogued and digitized to be a source of inspiration in the planning of new clothing and furniture collections. The fund shows the best Italian and foreign designers' production for Italian brands like Moschino, Prada and Versace, among others, but it also reflects the intact memory of the activity of the textile company from which it came, beginning in the mid-1970s and ended in 2013. The archive is completed by the Emmanuel Schvili fund, a donation of embroidery sketches and communication material from the Bolognese shirt and leisurewear brand, and the Fashion Photography Archive, a cataloguing project started with the collaboration of the University of Bologna, which aims to reconstruct the history through the adv campaigns of the Italian fashion brands based in Emilia-Romagna.

F.FRI’s archive has recently been enriched with Punto Sostenibilità, a section of sustainable textile materials, accessories and packaging designed to please designers and creatives, but above all garment makers and brands, which is a unique phygital place could finally find a broad and up-to-date overview of sustainable products for their collections. A constantly growing property that has been digitized and catalogued reflecting all the products information, sustainability characteristics and related certifications in clear text. Today it counts almost 2000 pieces coming from more than a hundred companies distributed in the great Italian textile districts.



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