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Country: Portugal

Category: Ready to wear and Knitwear

Established in: 2008

The brand organizes workshops and webinars to raise awareness in terms of sustainability among their employees and every year interns are receiving from all over Europe.

Elementum provides yoga lessons for free to its employees. The brand in its headquarter uses renewable energy from green energy provider.

The brand supply chain is strongly focused on local/European production. Most of the raw materials are sourced in Portugal and there is a high attention on sourcing raw materials that have a low environmental impact. The production is mostly based in Portugal with some technical specific lines/items made in The Netherlands. Further more, the brand works with family businesses with which the brand has strong relationships and visits them regularly during development and production activity.

Furthermore, in order to not create waste the brand transform small leftovers from production process into knitted necklaces, and also makes scarfs out of screen-printing mistakes and tryouts, which happen during R&D and production.

Elementum packaging is usually made by recycled paper, paper tape and reused cardboard boxes. When necessary the brand uses compostable bag for delicate items.  

Elementum clothes are all multifunctional. In their design, they encourage costumers to discover new ways to wear and dress up with them along their life time. In addition to that, we provide extra yarn for our knits to be fixed. We also do repair of products when asked by our costumers. We are currently working on how to support and encourage more repair with our products.

The brand is also working to improve active awareness regarding sustainable consumption and actions. In fact, Daniela Pais, the founder and designer of Elementum, is very active speaker in the area of  social design, sustainable design, design for impact which she teaches in several schools, and participates in many talks and events related to sustainability.

Further on, Daniela, our designer, is also one of the founders of a new association for sustainable design in Portugal- Between Parallels.

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