Country: Italy

Category: Ready to Wear

Established in: 2020

Sustainability Info

The brand _DENNJ_ spins around two main concepts: sustainability and multifunctionality in fashion. Both are given equal importance throughout the creative process.

To _DENNJ_, sustainability means not buying any new fabric. Everything has a past life, as it has been either inherited from vintage products, repurposed from upholstery leftovers, found in flea markets, or given as a gift by clients or friends. Every garment is produced with natural and recyclable materials: cotton, hemp, linen, silk and cachemire.

The production is artisanal and made by the designer himself in his atelier in Milano. Packaging is made from recycled old pack.

_DENNJ_’s innovative approach to fashion is focused on three different pillars: multifunctionality, sustainability and craftsmanship.

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