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Country: Italy

Category: Outerwear and Ready to Wear

Established in: 2014

Esemplare has a certified electric system and a fire evacuation plan, as well as a Workplace Preparedness Emergency Plan in its company's building.

Furthermore, the brand also provides a verified paid social contribution to its employees. 

Besides the company safety, Esemplare follows an ethical company code and provides general services for free.

The brand organizes webinars or meetings about sustainable issues, such as fair working conditions, to spread awareness among its employees. 

The team consists of more than 25 people and more than 80% of the team are women, of whom more than 40% are on the top management board. Moreover, to raise social inclusion, more than 20% of workers are migrants. 

The company makes not only energy from its own e-system, but also recycles more than 80% of its general waste.

Esemplare sources its raw materials 100% in Italy. The production part, on the other hand, is mostly located in Bulgaria. A small part of it is in Romania and Italy. When it comes to the part of packaging and logistics of the value chain, the focus is almost completely in Italy.

Regarding the raw materials, the brand uses only natural, recycled and regenerated materials.

About the product development activity, Esemplare uses digital softwares to create prototypes with deadstock of old collections to avoid waste of materials. 

In terms of packaging, it uses both recycled and compostable materials. 

The logistic supplier uses 100% renewable energy. 

Esemplare has visited its production and logistics suppliers in order to be aware of the working conditions of its suppliers' workers.

Since 1 year Esemplare has been making donations to the ActionAid foundation ( during Christmas time.

The brand has recently planted 610 trees in Guatemala and 390 trees in Perù supporting 250 people with ZeroCO2 as project to become carbon neutral. 

Esemplare organises an annual archive sale for its employees' families and friends to sell its stock items at a very low price.

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