Les Izmoor

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Country: Italy

Category: Ready to Wear

Established in: 2021

Les Izmoore organizes webinars or meetings about sustainable topics in order to educate its employees. 

The supply chain is concentrated in Italy. Production and logistics processes take place in Italy, instead raw materials in Italy and Spain, and packaging in Italy and Poland.

About raw materials, the brand uses recycled, compostable and biodegradable materials.

More than 50% of its products sold are produced with deadstock fabric. Moreover, the brand orders material based on demand so there is generally little left to re-use but whenever it has a bit of fabric left, it employs it for next prototypes. 

The brand visited some of its suppliers, in particular production and logistics in order to be aware of the working conditions of its workers. 

The development activity is made with materials already in stock in order not to waste new materials. 

Regarding packaging, the brand uses recycled and bio materials.

The brand protects its customers through information services, kits to improve the durability of an item and take back's service.

Les Izmoor wishes to empower women. This is why the brand decided to collaborate during its first product drop with Dress For Succes, a global no--profit organization that helps women to achieve economic independence.

In addition, the brand makes regular donations to "Opera San Francesco per i Poveri", a no.profit organization that helps people in difficulty.

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