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Country: Italia

Category: Outerwear

Established in: 2018

Wundercamera Wardrobe has an ethical code which includes sustainable issues. 

It provides extra service for free in work life (ex. parking for bike, transportation for free to reach the office, lunch meal for free...).

The brand allows smart working to its employees depending on their needs.

Its value chain from production to logistics is completely focused in Italy. Its raw materials are sourced in Perù.

Its production is made in Agliana (Pistoia).

The brand uses between 81-100% of natural materials to make its products.

The development activity of prototypes is made with materials already in stock in order not to waste new materials.

Wundercamera Wardrobe has visited all its suppliers in order to become aware of the working conditions of its workers.

About the packaging the brand has eliminated the usual plastic bags in which each garment was sent and has replaced them with cotton or organic bags or made with old scraps or sheets, packaged by us in the laboratory. 

Moreover, the brand uses always the same yarns in order to always have the possibility to draw on the remaining color and material and to adapt the collections to what is available in stock.

Wundercamera Wardrobe offers a service with which it is possible to send damaged garments to its workshops where they are washed and "restored" as new.

Moreover, it provides the customer with a recovery kit with each garment that includes small balls of threads for minor repairs and detailed maintenance instructions.

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