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Country: Portugal

Category: Ready to Wear & Ceremony

Established in: 2015

Duarte takes care about its employees needs. The company gives birthday vacation days to spend with employees loved ones.

Every new employees receive a Duarte mug to drink in order to avoid plastic bottles.

The company does not matter about hours of work, but it is more interested on the result achievements.

The supply chain is very focused in Portugal from raw materials to logistics concentrated in a 300km area from Lisbon to North of Portugal. 

Regarding raw materials Duarte uses cotton and wool as natural yarns and recyled materials in cotton and denim categories. Furthermore it uses materials certified by Seaqual (https://www.seaqual.org/).

It is very interesting the Duarte attention on sub production acitivty, in particularly the printing of denim and t-shirt. Duarte works with Eastman that is a global specialty chemical company focused on delivering innovative and technology-based solutions while maintaining its commitment to safety and sustainability.

Duarte has also a strong relationship with its producers. The brand has visited most of them in order to check work conditions and the improvement they do in terms of facility quality and water management.

Duarte provides recovery kits as extra buttons, snaps, etc. Furthermore Duarte provides adjustments and changes to the clients that book a visit to its studio.

Since 2016 Duarte has done donations. Furthermore the company to whom Duarte belongs to, donates every year to different causes (disabled people, the elderly, schools).

For this last AW21 Reef Collection, Duarte is talking with the "Oceano Azul" Foundation in Portugal to see if they are interested in a donation per piece sold from the collection.

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