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Country: Italy

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Established in: 2018

Froy has been just starting with 2 important projects into its supply chain that aim to support local suppliers.

In the first one Froy is very focus to support small Italian artisan businesses. In June, a series of Froy accessories that combine the recovery of industrial waste (the selvedge of the fabric), artisan weaving and the tradition of the "pezzotto" from Valtellina . The idea is to give new life to an abandoned material, enriched by the value of craftsmanship, and at the same time tell the stories of these people who carry on an ancient know-how.

The second one has focused to support the made in Armenia. The brand decided to launch a small production of garments in Armenia, home of Arman and also the heart of the imagination behind Froy. Given the delicate period for the country, the brand wants to help restart the economy by producing part of the garments there. 

Froy brand is very good in raw materials sourcing: Cotton, Wool, Alpaca and Viscose are the mix used in the collections. Particulary the brand uses recycled or regenerated materials such as wool, viscose and upcycled materials from old stocks to do textures with textile industrial waste.

In general the supply chain is well structured and all steps are made in Italy except for a small part of the production made in Armenia. Behind this decision there's a very strong willngness of the ownership to put a spotlight on small fragile family Armenian textile business in this critical post-war moment. 

Also in Italy Froy takes care of local craftsmen to keep alive the know-how of traditions and story tellings rooted in the country where the designer lives.

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