Oh Carla

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Country: Italy

Category: Ready to Wear

Established in: 2020

The brand has an ethical code which includes sustainable issues. 

It provides extra service for free in work life (ex. parking for bike, transportation for free to reach the office, lunch meal for free...).

Oh Carla allows smart working to its employees depending on their needs. It recognizes paid free time to its employees to balance their work with their private life. 

Its value chain from raw materials to logistics is completely focused in Italy. 

Its production is made in Milan, Italy. 

The brand works mainly with recycled fabrics and dead stock textiles, finding its own ethics of sustainability in the use of these materials as well as in the particular technique of decomposition and recomposition of the fabric.

The development activity is made with materials already in stock in order not to waste new materials.

Oh Carla has visited all of its suppliers, as it mostly sources its materials from warehouse leftovers, producing unique yet replicable pieces with a 100% handmade approach.

Oh Carla always integrates leftovers from the previous collections in the new collections or for side projects.

It gives to the customers information on how to take care of the products.  

Oh Carla provides kits for customers to repair their garments and offers also repairs through a sartorial approach., 

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