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Country: Italy

Category: Underwear

Established in: 1936

Oscalito has an ethical code which includes sustainable issues. 

It provides extra service for free in work life (ex. parking for bike, transportation for free to reach the office, lunch meal for free...).

The brand allows smart working and some paid free time to its employees in order to better balance their private life and work. 

Oscalito organizes webinars or meetings about sustainable topics in order to educate its employees. 

Its value chain from production to logistics is completely focused in Italy. Its raw materials are sourced in Egypt. 

Its production is made in Turin, Italy. 

About raw materials the brand uses only natural fibers:  Termotex®, Oscalito’s exclusive, which is pure Egyptian long-fibre cotton worked with air rods for thermal insulation and also Filoscozia, an Egyptian cotton, combed, two-ply twisted, gassed, and mercerized. 

The brand uses also 70% of Merino wool and 30% of silk, which combined result in Super 100'S Merino extrafine Australian wool , which has exceptional fineness and softness for the well-being of the skin.

The brand has visited all its suppliers in order to be aware of the working conditions of its workers. 

The development activity is made with materials already in stock in order not to waste new materials and partially with 3D Software. 

Regarding packaging, each piece goes into a 20% vegetable-based bag and then into a 30% recyclable cardboard bag. 

Every Friday the brand gives the opportunity to its customers to learn how to sew their garments in order to be repaired at their store GreenPea. 

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