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Country: Italy

Category: Ready to wear

Established in: 2021

The brand team is made up of three women workers. 

The brand's headquarters are built with recycled materials and office supplies, such as chairs and tables, are taken from flea markets to be as sustainable as possible. 

Its value chain from raw materials to logistics is almost completely focused in Italy. 

Its production is entirely made in Latina, Italy.

Most of the raw materials used are hemp and organic cotton, sourced from Italy, Mexico, Bali, Australia, Bangladesh and Africa. The reason is to create garments with materials from different parts of the world to emphasise cultural differences. 

Dyeing is done manually in the country of reference. For example, some materials from Bali are hand-dyed using mangroves to make the garments as organic as possible. 

All packaging is made from recycled materials. The waistcoats and bags are contained in recycled cardboard boxes inside dust bags to protect the garment. The garment is then wrapped in recyclable paper and the scotch tape used is biodegradable with water-based ink. 

The t-shirts are shipped in their own recyclable dust bag in compostable envelopes. 

The brand gives information to its customers on how to take care of its products. 

The brand works directly with artisans in different parts of the world to purchase their textile art and support their community by developing local economies. 

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