R4 Clothing

Country: United Kingdom

Category: Ready to wear

Established in: 2021

Sustainability Info

Sustainability is the core of R4 and it is implemented throughout the whole life cycle of the brand's garments.

It is a UK ready to wear brand, which focuses every action on an eco-friendly philosophy, from the fabrics, to the packaging, marketing material, end-of-life and more.

Its value chain is covered from raw materials to logistics by certifications. Its production is focused mainly in Izmir, Turkey. 

About the supply chain, raw materials yarns are made by hemp 15%, organic cotton 25%, bamboo 50% and recycled plastic 10%, while R4's packaging is 100% water-soluble

In terms of community, R4 donates 5% of its profits to TAF - The Animal Fund, and plants 1 tree per order in Tanzania through Forest Nation.

To take care of its clients, the brand guarantees a return-scheme ("take back") where customers get a 20% discount on their next order if they send back their old R4 garments.

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