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Country: Denmark

Category: Knitwear

Established in: 2019

Monte Home uses a renewable energy provider: Ørsted Energy (SEAS). Moreover, the brand organizes meetings, webinars and workshops to raise awareness among its employees in terms of climate change and sustainability. 

Its value chain from raw materials to logistics is 100% focused in Montenegro, in the city of Berane. 

The raw materials used are 100% eco-wool yarn. The products are knitted at the women's home, where they choose their own patterns. Some styles are very special and are currently only available in a limited number, which helps to make each pair unique. 

About packaging the brand uses recycled flax cord. Moreover Monte Home provides plastic bags made from sugar cane, which are an environmentally friendly alternative to the regular plastic bag for shipping. In the production of bioplastics, a base of renewable resources is used, ie. natural materials, rather than just using oil. (

If the customers want to return their knitwear after use, the brand takes it back using it in its own garden in order to grow potatoes. Ineed, the wool helps the potatoes "breathe" better.

Moreover, the brand guides the customers through the washing process and maintenance of the purchased items. 

Through the sale of wool, the brand supports the Montenegrin women financially. Moreover, the brand collects clothes to bring them to people who live on the streets in Montenegro and provides them food when needed. 

Every year the brand collects waste with World Cleanup Day, because it wants to clean nature, air and environment and this helps put a focus on that.

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