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Country: Italy

Category: Ready to wear

Established in: 2021

The brand provides free water and basic goods for the employees and also gives prototypes and fabrics as gifts to its employees and collaborators, to maximize a zero waste philosophy and satisfaction in the office.

Florania allows smart working whenever needed. Its employees can work either in the office or at home. Indeed, since they are a collective of minds, every person is an author and creativity comes from satisfied brains.

Moreover, the brand provides free access to portals as Domestika and FutureLearn for developing culture and information (for example: 'Fashion and Sustainability' in Future Learn or 'Sustainable techniques for upcycling' in Domestika).

Its value chain is almost completely focused in Italy, except for the packaging. The brand uses 70% GOTS organic cotton and other sustainable fibers (bamboo, mint, hemp) and 30% recycled materials (vintage denim, cachemire and jerseys). 

Production has been made in Florania's atelier based in Milano.

About packaging, Florania uses recycled plastic for its packagings and recycled paper both for its tags and printed communication.

About its envelopes the brand uses these from the company Noissue, which is 100% recycled and certified.

Moreover, the brand collects deadstock materials and vintage pieces given from the people of its community and the design team use that to create unique pieces by upcycling approach.

In prototyping and sampling the development team use waste and leftover materials to try new production techniques.

Florania provides a made to order service for the people that donate their old garments instead of throwing them.

For its 'one of a kind' pieces, made with out of the ordinary techniques, the brand provides a simple printed guide on how to repair it in case of damage.

Moreover, it provides printed instructions and a brief history of the garment.

The brand donates 15% of the online sales to Medici Senza Frontiere. 

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