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Country: Italy

Category: Handbags

Established in: 2021

+ Three °°° pays attention to all the issues touched by the Code of Contact of ETHICAL FASHION INITIATIVE thanks to the collaboration with realities committed to sustainable development and to the creation of an ethical production chain.

+ Three °°° is also involved in the implementation of RESET FASHION which represents an ESG due diligence system that supports corporate sustainability reporting. 

Moreover, the brand provides free water to its employees and improves their health through Sanimoda, which is the supplementary health care fund that the most enlightened companies in the fashion industry use as an additional benefit for their employees and workers. The objective of the Fund is to support the needs and requirements of workers, providing health care services in addition to those of the National Health System (NHS).

In conclusion, the company makes use of the outsource services of Pelletteria Fiorentina Montecristo (Pelfim), which works with international brands that are very active at an ethical level and has two certifications: INTERTEK and QUIMA.

Its value chain from production to logistics is entirely focused in Toscana, Italy. More precisely, the production is based in Florence. 

The nature of raw materials is composed for 50% of the collection by recycled fabric from plastic, for 20% by natural cotton and rubber and for 30% by reused and ethic fabrics.

About packaging, it is entirely produced by up-cycled materials. 

For the Camouflage Collection the brand uses discarded military shirts of the Dutch army.

The brand does "take back" action from customers and uses the parts of the bags for new production or to dispose recyclable components.

Moreover, it provides a special vegetable oil to preserve the natural rubber material and free reparation is extended to 5 years for the subscribers of

its newsletters.

The brand really cares about community by making donations for Amazon Watch ( https://amazonwatch.org./) and for One Percent for the Planet ( https://www.onepercentfortheplanet.org/join). 

Moreover the brand is part of Seaqual ( https://www.seaqual.org/), a collaboration that has the mission to eliminate plastic pollution, and Ethical Fashion Initiative ( https://ethicalfashioninitiative.org/). The Ethical Fashion Initiative creates and strengthens social enterprises in emerging economies to connect discerning international brands in fashion.

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