Coster Copenhagen

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Country: Denmark

Category: Ready to wear

Established in: 2012

Coster Copenhagen invested in a CSR course to educate its employees, in order to make sure they are up to date on sustainability.

Moreover, the brand invested in a solar farm and provides  free water in dispensers and makes sure that all employees sort their trash for recycling.

Moreover the company allows smart working. There is no fixed time allowed, it is decided individually depending on the task and role.

The brand uses fabrics such as seawool, recycled polyester, Eco Vero Viscose Lenzing, and Reforest Viscose.

Coster Copenhagen uses the dead stock to make new products - for instance small scarves with the text "I should've been waste".

About the packaging, 50% of it is recycled. Indeed, Coster Copenhagen takes the packaging with samples and production from its suppliers, and re-use it when sending out orders to its customers. Its recycled polyester comes from re-used plastic from fishing nets picked up from the ocean.

Moreover, it uses biodegradable poly-bags. Approximately 70% of the total packaging consumption is biodegradable/compostable. 

The brand owns a second hand shop on its website, from which all clothes bought above 45€ can be sent back to the brand team and the customers receive a voucher with 25% of the value they spent.

Moreover, Coster Copenhagen provides a free cashmere brush to consumers, which they can use to make sure their cashmere lasts for as long as possible.

The brand has been making donations to the Danish national cancer charity for many years.

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