Lune Active

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Country: Netherlands

Category: Athleisure

Established in: 2019

The brand provides metal bottles to its employees and uses biodegradable to go coffee cups. Moreover, it doesn't print often and does it mostly digitally.

No employee reaches the office by car; indeed all use bike or public transport.

Lune Active is a very flexible company, because it has not fixed hours or fixed office hours. Indeed, the brand team works a lot remotely. 

It cares a lot about health, family and well being and if its employees want to go to yoga before work or have to get the kids from school early that is no problem. 

Its value chain is mostly focuses in Portugal. In terms of production, the brand uses mostly organic, recycled and certified fabrics (more precisely 60% of the collection is made of Q-nova yarn from Fulgar, while 30% of the collection is made of organic cotton). In terms of logistics, it produces only close to home, which makes transport less harmful to the environment.

Moreover, its activewear factory has joined the seaqual initiative. The SEAQUAL Initiative collaborates with NGOs, Fishermen, Researchers, Scientists, Authorities and Private.

The company is now starting using left over fabrics for dust bags and minime capsules. This only of the daywear collection which is around 40% of the entire collection.

The brand provides consumers with the opportunity to have their zippers, buttons etc fixed on its cost in order to make the product last longer.

Moreover, Lune Active uses warning tags on all its products. 

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