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Country: Sweden

Category: Ready to wear

Established in: 2006

Dedicated has a social policy for its own operation and provides its workers with 500€/Year of wellness benefit for sport activity or physical therapist or similar. 

Brand provides "flextime" for all employees. Flexibility means "working hours for personal reasons without explanation needed with the possibility to work from home, collective workouts, etc.

Moreover, the brand offers its workers vegetarian meals when organizing events and promotes sustainability by organizing annual CSR meetings to the office employees, the staff and the agents In Europe. 

In order to make people aware of climate change Dedicated used to share climate change related contents.

Its shops and the office are powered by the renewable energy of different sorts depending on the energy provider and it recycles all its daily waste together with the packaging received from shipments at the office. 

Dedicated's value chain is focused mostly in India from certified raw materials to packaging. 

Regarding supply chain, 99% of its raw materials come from organic cotton (89%), recycled polyester (6%) and Tencel Lyocell by Lenzing (4%).

Production has been made in India in certified factories (Fair Trade and Wrap). Two of its main suppliers representing 67% of Dedicated's product in volume are powered by renewable energy.

About packaging the brand uses recycled cotton reaching 25% of its on-product packaging covered by GRS certification. Also 80% of its polybags are made of recycled polyester GRS certified and enhanced with Breakdown Plastic TM technology which makes them biodegradable. 95% of hangtags are made from cotton garments cut waste

Logistics is based in Stockholm - Sweden.

The brand has been partnering for 3 years with several organisations, including One Tree Planted which is the largest. 

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