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Country: Brazil

Category: Swimwear

Established in: 2016

The brand organizes weekly meetings, webinars and workshops to raise the awareness among its employees in terms of sustainability and climate change. The brand team works in a beach town where cars are not allowed, lives a simple and minimal lifestyle, recycles, removes plastic from the beach on a daily basis, uses reusable bags when shopping and brings its own glass water bottle.

Its value chain is completely focused in Brazil.

All its solid coloured suits are made, inside and outside, with Amni Soul Eco, the world's first biodegradable yarn and faster decomposed once on the landfill. The fabrics will turn into biomass within 28 months instead of 11 years like other traditional materials. 

Production has been made in Florianópolis in the south of Brazil.

About packaging, its uses 100 % biodegradable, 100% compostable boxes, shipping label, kraft tape, biodegradable stickers.

The brand provides consumers with information on how to take good care of the products for longer durability.

For two years, Mamazoo has been making monetary donations to a local Animal Protection NGO, called Caraíva Protection Animal, which helps abandoned and abused animals in the community, most of them dogs. The brand's founder and stylist, Maria Ana Moura, has 4 adopted dogs, some came from the NGO and some were abandoned on the street.

Mamazoo is a partner of Eureciclo Brazil. This means that the company invests resources on the national recycling chain and performs the environmental compensation of 200% of paper and plastic it uses.

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