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Country: France

Category: Knitwear

Established in: 2016

About the inclusivity approach it is good to know, even if the team is still small, the top management of the brand is composed by more than 40% of women. 

Regarding the employee benefits the brand allows remote working to the all team to help people handling their balance between private and work life.

b&t Paris has been using a circular approach since the collection development. Indeed the brand uses deadstock materials to make prototypes to calm down over consumption of new materials. 70% of the samples b&t Paris developped are then manufactured.

The development and production are all made in Italy. Its Italian producers use only old cashmere clothes that are collected, sorted, crushed, spin to a new yarn. As said, all these steps are made in Italy, specifically in Tuscany region (Prato district) as well as the knitting phase.

About the dyeing process, a very sensitive phase in the environment production impact, it is compliant with the European norm REACH.

The brand understood perfectly the importance of visiting its suppliers in order to create a strong partnership. Going on site means both understand the issue of its own suppliers, work together to improve the work flow and check the working environment, between safety conditions, minimum wages and the health regulations especially nowadays with the covid-19. 

If the raw materials sourced, collection development and production are all concentrated in Italy, the packaging is sourced in UK.

All items are composed of recycled and compostable materials. It is very interesting the solution the brand has adopted to the plastic crisis: b&t Paris uses a technology developed by Aquapark: this cover bag it is not only biodegradable, water-soluble but breaks down harmlessly to non-toxic biomass in soil and sea.The ink used is also non-toxic and food-safe, so there are no nasty chemicals produced as the bag breaks down.

The last step of the industrial supply chain, the logistics, is based in France where there is also the headquarter of the company.

b&t Paris really undestands the importance of customer care activity to last longer its products in line with the slow fashion approach embraced by the brand. That's why provides to its customers all the information needed to take care of its garments through its social networks, emails, website.

The brand also proposes a service to collect old clothes from end consumers in exchange of a discount coupon to be used on its e-commerce. 

b&t Paris supported for a long period international association. Then, in the last year and a half, the brand prefered to change its charity actions and focus its effort acting locally. Indeed the brand makes donations to "Emmaus" and to Church Collect Center giving old clothes in good conditions for poor children. 

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