Reuben Oliver

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Country: United States of America

Category: Knitwear & Loungewear

Established in: 2019

The brand internally has developed a formal ethical code to follow in its business development and realized a genuine collection with its talented craftsmen.

Reuben Oliver provides paid vacation leave and health insurance for employees and develops weekly meetings to discuss initiatives and how best to scale up these in sustainability practices.

The brand ensures that their workers have not only safest of working conditions, but are acknowledged for their deep involvement in the creative process. 

Its value chain is mostly focused on Peru from certified raw materials to packaging.

Its factory is located in the heart of Lima and is home to a team of talented seamstresses and artisans. All of its clothing is exclusively created with natural fibers and recycled materials that are authentic to Peru. 

Its packaging is 100% plastic-free and bio-degradable. Logistics is based in Florida - USA.

The brand gives consumers information about how to take care of their products. 

Reuben Oliver provides work to Peruvian artists collaborating with them and enhancing their talents, strengthening the community. This initiative is meant to draw awareness to where the clothing comes from and celebrating the culture from where it stems, while giving another channel for artists to develop and grow their audience.

The brand is also partnering with a record label out of Peru in the same vein and trying to unify the American and Peruvian market and "give back" by promoting the country from where so many clothing companies source from. RO just shot first video which should be released with the new collection. The record name is O-ranch.


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